30 layer challenge recap


I did it! I’m so excited to have finished and so inspired to keep painting. I’ve learned a lot from this challenge…I’ve learned there will be ugly paintings and that’s ok. I’ve learned there will be “messy middles” and that’s when I need to keep going! I found that I was able to make more time to paint knowing that I had this challenge in front of me. Finally I learned not to be so precious with each painting. It’s ok to let loose, have fun and make ugly, crazy messes. 

I’m not sure what my next project will be but I know I will continue making art and being creative. 



layers 26 – 30!


Layer 26: Kind of an “in between” to get some new color down and make space for something new. I like how you can see some of the texture here.


Layer 27: I’ve been playing with trying to keep things loose and I love the drips and scribbles in this layer.


Layer 28: I saw a sunset photo that I really wanted to duplicate. This is the first time I’ve painted from a photo and I like the process but it’s hard for me to do it very quickly.


Layer 29: Another abstract in a color palette that I haven’t yet experimented with. I really like the tone of this.


Layer 30: Ugh! I do not love my final layer at all but if there is one thing I’ve learned from this challenge, it’s that I can always move on and paint over it. I’m learning to let go and have realized that sometimes these messy in between layers are more motivating than the pretty ones.

I’m posting this a couple days late but I did finish on the night of the 30th which I am quite proud of even if I don’t love the final painting. I’ve learned a lot and I plan on compiling all the images into one big grid along with some learnings here shortly.

layers 22, 23, 24 and 25


Layer 22: This layer ended up being kind of fun. I used bright colors and tried for an abstract face among lots of pattern.


Layer 23: I decided to cover up most of the face painting leaving only little windows into some interesting compositions.


Layer 24: I built on layer 23 with more bright orange and blue. I felt like I really let go and painted without thinking much on this one.


Layer 25: This one feels just blah. Trying to loosely and quickly paint a landscape. In person, there is a lot of texture to this with all the paint layered on. 5 more to go!

layers 19, 20 and 21


Layer 19: I was going to do something totally abstract but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. I wanted to capture the golden buttery sunsets that we’ve been having. I love that dusky part of the day so that’s what I went for.


Layer 20: I love how this turned out but it doesn’t quite capture the colors of nature that I had hoped to paint. Mother nature is quite the artist.


Layer 21: I mostly just wanted to play around and make some new marks on this one. I might go back later and add more. Too tired and hot to think of anything else to say right now. Is it fall yet?