layers eight and nine


Layer 8: I wanted to try adding some more precise details so I doodled out some leaves on top of layer 7 and calmed down some of the waves underneath.


Layer 9: Abstract landscapes are something I’ve always wished I could paint. What’s a better time to try it out than now? I’m really not loving this as it stands but I’m hoping the next couple layers will help.

layers five, six, and seven


Layer 5: Today has me feeling said and angry about the country that we are living in so I took it out on those cute little trees and this is where it landed. Messy but I like the colors.


Layer 6: I added more depth with some blue waves. Kind of digging this layer.


Layer 7: Octopus! This makes me feel like I’m under the sea. I really like this right here and I don’t want to cover it up but, cover it up I will…

layers 2, 3 and 4



Layer 2: I wanted to add some more color and keep it loose! Still having fun.


Layer 3: I started seeing trees so I went with it and it started getting pretty hectic.


Layer 4: I added “mist” aka titanium white in an attempt to calm things down and now I’m not loving it but, the great thing is, I can paint over the entire thing if I want to!

layer one

I’m starting a new challenge for myself through a local art store. The challenge is to paint 30 layers on one canvas by the end of August. It’s all about the process and letting your painting just take you where it takes you. I’m excited and nervous to get started but I think it’s going to be a good challenge for me. I can paint when I have time for it and hopefully not worry so much about it being perfect.  I wanted to kind of let loose with color and keep it abstract for this first layer. I took inspiration from a magazine illustration and I’m loving the bright colors. Here is layer one!



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