Monthly Archives: August 2016

layers 22, 23, 24 and 25


Layer 22: This layer ended up being kind of fun. I used bright colors and tried for an abstract face among lots of pattern.


Layer 23: I decided to cover up most of the face painting leaving only little windows into some interesting compositions.


Layer 24: I built on layer 23 with more bright orange and blue. I felt like I really let go and painted without thinking much on this one.


Layer 25: This one feels just blah. Trying to loosely and quickly paint a landscape. In person, there is a lot of texture to this with all the paint layered on. 5 more to go!


layers 19, 20 and 21


Layer 19: I was going to do something totally abstract but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head. I wanted to capture the golden buttery sunsets that we’ve been having. I love that dusky part of the day so that’s what I went for.


Layer 20: I love how this turned out but it doesn’t quite capture the colors of nature that I had hoped to paint. Mother nature is quite the artist.


Layer 21: I mostly just wanted to play around and make some new marks on this one. I might go back later and add more. Too tired and hot to think of anything else to say right now. Is it fall yet?

layers 15, 16, 17 and 18

Ok, we’re getting there! I’m on the other side of halfway and that feels good. Feels like I’ll make it. Some days it’s hard to commit time to this especially when I’m just covering over everything I paint. Even the ones I like! I am learning a lot though. I’m learning that it takes a lot of crappy paintings to get to one good painting. I knew this but actually doing it is harder than saying it.


Layer 15: I wanted to take my grey sky and make it bright and sunset-y. I added gold paint at the end and it was fun to play around with but I’m not sure I love it here.


Layer 16: Time for something completely different. As long as I’m trying new things, why not go for some flowers?


Layer 17: Flowers are tricky. I wanted a balance the looseness with something that actually looked like flowers and this is where I landed. I kind of enjoy these happy blooms.


Layer 18: This was partially an attempt to use up some leftover paint and partially a need to do something completely abstract after all my landscapes and flowers. It’s much darker in person but I kind of love some of the smeary color combinations that happened here. Hmm…something to work with…

layers 12, 13 and 14

I’m running behind on my schedule that I had set for myself but the deadline of August 30th is challenging me to let go of trying to perfect each layer and just paint. It’s a good lesson in perfection vs. progress. I know I’ll still finish in time but I’m feeling the pressure!


Layer 12: I decided that I wanted to tone down the last landscape and try my hand at more realistic colors. It’s tricky in this project to know when to call a layer “done” but today it was done when my toddler woke up from her nap so I left this in kind of a yucky stage.


Layer 13: I love the direction that this is moving in. Painting feels good today. I can’t keep myself from adding these dabs and dots of color.


Layer 14.25: I almost painted over the sky before I took a picture! I  wasn’t going to consider this a layer but I really love the way the cloudy sky is getting crazier and I wanted to count it as a layer so I could remember it. Onto the next one!